Tre Spa is prideful of our extensive list of pedicure options to be able to immerse our customers in the blissful oasis they came to seek. Our pedicures provide a sense of rejuvenation and are designed to improve the health and appearance of your toenails and feet.

Pedicure services at Tre Spa include various different treatment options including a Gel Pedicure, Jelly Pedicure, Green Tea Pedicure, Chocolate Lovers Pedicure, and more. These spa pedicures give you more of a luxurious option for those looking to achieve more than just what a basic pedicure offers.

Tre Spas’ pedicures always include a cuticle treatment, scrub, hot towel, lotion, and massage. Also, we offer Callus Remover and Heel Treatments as an extra add on to any pedicure. If you wish to have a design on your big toe, our talented staff can help you find a beautiful design to make your day, event, or vacation special! Take a look at our different pedicure options below to decide which will benefit you the most!

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Express Pedicure (Regular Pedicure)

Enjoy a luxurious Epsom Salt Bath, cuticle treatment, scrub, hot towel wrap, and lotion to refresh your day. Apply polish of your choice. A French pedicure option is available with an added fee.

Express PLUS Pedicure

This pedicure is everything in the Express Pedicure plus moisturizing the skin and nurturing healthy cuticles with a dip of paraffin. It helps improve complexion and simply rejuvenates your skin.

Express Pedicure & Gel Polish

Enjoy a luxurious Epsom Salt Bath, cuticle treatment, scrub, hot towel wrap, and lotion to refresh your day. Apply GEL polish of your choice.

Express Pedicure & Callus Removal

Enjoy a luxurious Epsom Salt Bath, following with an electric tool used to remove hard callus area and hand scrubbing to ensure the best possible results. Lastly a cuticle treatment, scrub, hot towel wrap, and lotion is applied to refresh your day. Apply polish of your choice.

Special Treatment for Heels

Our Heel treatment begins with a callus removal. Apply to callus in needed areas and cover in plastic wrap with warm towels over feet. Following with a custom-made sugar scrub especially for treating heels. Next, a paraffin dip. Finally, a special Pau D’Arco by Nature’s Sunshine Product Lotion Mix with Tropical Lime Essential lotion for a long-lasting moisturizer for your heels.

Spa Pedicures

Jelly Pedicure

Customer Favorite! Soak your feet in the tub of warm jelly which contains all the nourishing ingredients that help relieve aches and pains, improve blood circulation, and eat away a long, tiring day’s stress from hard work. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy a massage with a hot towel wrap and a paraffin dip to ensure long lasting smoothness. This pedicure will maximize your callus removal and prevention from returning. NOTE: (Recommend for dry feet/first time doing pedicure).

English Garden Pedicure

Step into Western ambiance! Your feet are soaked and soothed in a luxurious bath of warm milk, Rose Petals, Rose Essential Oil, and Himalayan salts, followed by a custom-made exfoliating scrub to promote youthful, glowing skin. Relax next with our custom yogurt mask to nourish dry skin, callus removal, hot towels, and an extra-long hot stone massage. Lastly, to ensure long lasting smoothness, we apply a warm paraffin dip. The English Country Garden Pedicure is a perfect way to renew your day.

Tre Signature Green Tea Pedicure

Step into Eastern ambiance and awaken by warm green tea, Epsom salt, and a fresh lemon slice to rejuvenate and promote a youthful glowing skin. Afterwards, your pedicure is followed by a Green Tea custom-made exfoliating scrub and a custom Green Tea mask. Relax and enjoy hot towel wraps with a massage, followed by a warm paraffin dip to ensure long lasting smoothness. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants that protect our tissues against toxins, provides protection against UV light.

Coconut Paradise Pedicure

Step into Coconut Paradise! Begin your pedicure with soaking your feet in a warm coconut milk, Rose, and Himalayan salt bath followed by custom-made Coconut scrub, mask, callus removal, hot towels, and stone massage. Coconut oil contains antioxidants and Vitamin E, which will help to delay the occurrence of wrinkles and is also known to protect skin cells from damage over time from sun exposure. Unlike your average moisturizer, coconut oil helps to strengthen skin tissue more deeply and eliminates dead skin.

Chocolate Lover Pedicure

Our Chocolate pedicures start with a foot bath in warm chocolate, then rubbed down with a chocolate scrub. A chocolate mask is then applied to the feet. When the mask is removed, the feet are pampered with warm Chocolate massage oil, followed by a hot rock massage, paraffin, hot towel, and a final rub down with a rich chocolate butter cream moisturizer. The middle of the 19th century cocoa butter has been used as a moisturizer. The caffeine in Chocolate stimulates the circulatory system.

COMING SOON: Caribbean Paradise Pedicure

The purpose of our Caribbean Paradise pedicure is to generate natural skin protection from environmental aggressors and increase barrier strength. We use a Green Science, Warm Seaweed Mask combined with Caribbean Massage techniques to smooth, soften, relax, and rejuvenate your feet. This spa pedicure improves skin smoothness, tones, and brightens while also lifting and firming the skin, targeting age spots, and reducing lines and wrinkles.

SEASONAL ONLY: Pumpkin Spices Pedicure

Our seasonal favorite Pumpkin Spice pedicure includes a bath soak with a cinnamon bath bomb, followed with a pumpkin honey mask and pumpkin spice sugar scrub. Afterward comes hot towels, a stone massage, and to ensure long lasting smoothness, we finish with a paraffin dip.

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Tre Spa offers yearly memberships that includes 10% off any services of their choice for the entire year. Membership packages are also available that in depending on which you chose, will be a monthly fee that you receive free service(s) for. Membership packages are different for both salon locations, so please make sure you select the correct location when viewing/purchasing membership packages. Visit our membership program page to learn more about all the different packages offered!