Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic brow tattooing. It works by using a blade-shaped tool with rows of tiny needles that create hair like strokes along your brow while putting pigment into your skin. Results appear as realistic looking eyebrow hairs that don’t wear off for about a year to three years.

Getting your brows microbladed is ideal for those who have thin brows, sparse brows, or bare gaps in their eyebrows. It is truly a game changer for those who have gone all their life filling in their eyebrows’ day in and day out! Ready for fuller looking brows? Book your microblading appointment today.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Microblading?

It’s important to know that a good candidate for microblading is based on your skin type. If your skin is super sensitive and easily reacts to products, has keratosis pilaris on your forehead, or consistently has acne around your brows, then microblading is probably not for you. Microblading will initially cause some inflammation that can intensify your skin conditions and affect the healing process. Also, microblading is not meant for anyone taking blood-thinning medication or with very oily skin.

Before Your Microblading Appointment

Just like an artist needs a blank canvas to begin an art piece, we need you to follow these restrictions below to ensure your skin is in the best condition to get microbladed. Our pre care instructions are designed to limit bleeding and sensitivities during the procedure.

24 Hours Prior: Do not work out.
48 Hours Prior: Do not drink alcohol or caffeine. Avoid Fish Oil, Prenatal Vitamins, Nutritional Shakes, and Hair Skin and Nail supplements.
72 Hours Prior: Do not take Ibuprofen, Advil, or other blood thinners such as Niacin or Vitamin E unless medically necessary.
7 Days Prior: Stop taking Fish Oil. You can resume after procedure is complete. No brow waxing, plucking, tinting, or threading. The more hair the better for us!
4 Weeks Prior: Discontinue using Retin-A. Avoid Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and Facials.
6 Weeks Prior: Botox can be done 6 weeks before or 6 weeks after your procedure.
• Avoid booking during your menstrual period. It can increase your sensitivity.
• You CANNOT be sun tanned or burned. This will cause the pigmentation to not stay.

Microblading Aftercare

Taking care of your new brows after receiving a microblading treatment is exceptionally important to how your eyebrows will look after they have fully healed. It is your responsibility to follow these after care instructions systematically to ensure the best outcome. Aftercare accounts for 50% or more of your end results!

Day 1: Keep your eyebrows clean and dry, do not touch them! They may feel tender and appear a bit red, but that will go away in time.
Day 1-3: Your eyebrows will start to scab up but continue to keep them dry and clean. DO NOT PICK AT THEM!
Day 4: Apply a small rice grain amount of aftercare ointment on each eyebrow with a cotton swab and clean hands. Spread a very thin layer of ointment across the treated area every morning and night. Please note that your brows shouldn’t appear greasy or shiny. If they are appearing that way then you have used too much ointment. This can suffocate the skin and push off healing. Also, never apply aftercare ointment to wet or damp brows. You will continue to use this ointment morning and night until there is no more scabbing.
For the First 10 Days: No excessive sweating, no rubbing, scratching, or picking, no long sun exposure, and no other products on the brows. This includes makeup, oils, soaps, or any other products.
After Day 10: You can return to normal skincare routines and your brows are safe from water. Your eyebrows will appear very light, but once the scabs come off, every week up to 6 weeks prior, color will continue to surface and brows will darken. You may continue to use ointment if your brows feel dry or itchy still.

FAQs on Microblading

Brows will take about 4- 6 weeks until they reach their final look. But it only takes 2 weeks for the scabbing process to complete. After 2 weeks you can return to normal routine and activities.

We recommend yearly touch ups to keep the color fresh. It varies from client to client, but it can be 9 months to 2 years, depending on the client’s skin type and lifestyle.

Technically, microblading is considered permanent because the color is implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, microblading pigment is not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional cosmetic tattoos, therefore the pigment will fade over time making it a semi permanent procedure.

Generally speaking, no, microblading will not ruin your brows. However, very rarely someone can have an allergic reaction to the dye that can cause a rash or infection.

Microblading can even help hair growth due to the microblades bringing fresh blood to your brow area and stimulating lymphatic fluid, which can encourage the hair follicle to support hair growth.

Your eyebrow hairs will continue to grow like normal, so yes you will still have to pluck, wax, or thread them.

NO! There is no shaving required during the microblading process. Do not shave off your eyebrows before getting them microbladed.


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