Manicure Services

What makes Tre Spas’ manicure services so unique is our commitment to exceeding our clients expectations. Our manicures are 35 minutes of rejuvenating luxury designed to improve the health and appearance of your nails and hands.

A manicure from Tre Spa begins with soaking your hands in warm water with a fresh lemon slice, followed by a cuticle treatment, filing, shaping, and buffing out your nails. Next, we exfoliate your hand with a custom scrub, a hot towel, and a paraffin dip.

Our talented staff can help you find the most beautiful designs to make your day or event special! We love creating unique designs and are always up for the challenge. Take a look at our nail art gallery here.

Our Featured Manicure Services Include:

Regular Manicure

A Regular Manicure, also known as an express manicure, lasts up to 4 weeks with the benefit that they look and feel just like your natural nails! For a regular manicure we begin by applying cuticle treatment, and then we file, shape, and buff out your nails. Next, we exfoliate your hands with a scrub, hot towel, and paraffin dip. We always encourage our customers to spice up their nails with a custom design!

Gel Manicure

A Gel Manicure is perfect for those who want a sturdier nail. Gel nail polish lasts much longer than regular nail polish and will not easily chip, break, or peel. Gel Manicures require an LED light that hardens the polish instantly. Once applied, gel polish acts as a natural barrier against dirt and pollutants. Plus, no regular maintenance is required! Nail Extension options can be added to a Gel Manicure. Visit our Gel Manicure page to learn more.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails are perfect for those looking to achieve a longer, thicker, and strong nail. Acrylics last much longer than a regular manicure and will not easily chip or break! You can choose regular or gel nail polish on top of the acrylic. These kind of nails are perfect for more intricate designs since you have a larger, smoother canvas to work with. Visit our Acrylic Nails page to learn more.

Builder Gel Manicure

A Gel Builder Manicure is different than a Gel Manicure. Gel Builder is a non-chemical version of Acrylic, and is strong and durable, meant for nail enhancement (added tip). This gel can be used to create and build shape since it is stronger than the brush on type gels that are more commonly used. We use builder gels for enhancements and overlays, to create longer nails, fix broken nails, and for extra strength on natural nails. Visit our Gel Builder Manicure page to learn more.

Dip Powder Nails

Dip Powder Nails, also known as SNS nails, involves dipping the nail into colored powder, or brushing the dip powder onto the nail, then using a clear sealant on top. This is semi-permanent and could last up to 4 weeks. Dip nails will make your nail thicker and stronger and can be used for a nail extension to make natural nails longer. Visit our Dip Powder Nails page to learn more.

French Manicure

A French Manicure can have many different looks to it now a days. You could stick with the traditional white band across the tip, or you can spice it up by using a different line color, multiple colors, or a unique shape/design. French nails can be created with nail extensions, regular polish, gel polish, gel builder polish, and dip powder. The possibilities with a French manicure are endless!

Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails is a type of manicure in which a color gradient is created. You can either have it go lighter to darker from the tip of the nail or vice versa. We see a lot of customers come in wanting pink ombre nails or ombre French nails. Ombre nails can be created with nail extensions, regular polish, gel polish, gel builder polish, and dip powder.

Children’s Manicure

We offer children’s manicures to kids under the age of 10. We can provide just a polish change or a full manicure service if desired.

Other Manicure Services Offered:

Hand Treatments

Receive a hand treatment only or with another service for an extra fee.

Polish Change

Get a regular polish, gel polish, nail tip polish, or nail shape change for an extra fee.

Chair Massage

Add on a 15 or 30 minute chair massage to any manicure service.


Tre Spa offers yearly memberships that includes 10% off any services of their choice for the entire year. Membership packages are also available that in depending on which you chose, will be a monthly fee that you receive free service(s) for. Membership packages are different for both salon locations, so please make sure you select the correct location when viewing/purchasing membership packages. Visit our membership program page to learn more about all the different packages offered!

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