What is Gel Manicure/Natural Gel Manicure Nail (Don’t make your nail longer)?

Gel Manicure/Natural Gel manicure Nail lasting up to 4 weeks. The biggest benefit is that they look and feel just like natural nails. When using gel nail polish is it lasts much longer than regular nail polish, will not easily chip, break, or peel no annoying smudges as regular polish is cured under a Led light which makes the polish instantly hard. If your nails are particularly weak, or prone to splitting easily, then gel nail polish can help to strengthen and protect them. If you nails take a fair old battering during our daily routines, gel polish helps to protect them. Once applied, gel polish acts as a natural barrier against dirt and pollutants. No regular maintenance required, you can let it grow out or remove them at home.

What is Dipping Power?

Semi Permanent could last up to 4 weeks.  This product will make your natural nail thicker and stronger.   This product can be for nail extension (added tip) to make natural nails longer. NO refill required.

What is Gel Builder?

AN non chemical version of Acrylic, strong, durable for nail enhancement (added tip).  Require bi weekly maintain refill.

What is the difference between Dipping Powder vs Gel Builder?

Dipping Powder: If your nail bed is weak and needs extra support from daily routine, but you are not ready for biweekly maintenance or don’t like the electric drill sound on your nail. Dipping gel and dipping acrylic is not the same product, dipping gel doesn’t have strong odor like acrylic does. Dipping gel contains minerals, vitamins to help your natural nail grow stronger and longer. This product will last up to 4 weeks. Tre Spa strongly recommends customers who don’t have either a strong nail bed or want to grow their own natural nail, especially those to want to stop biting their nail. This product has two options who want to get longer nails but don’t want like the machine grilling, or customers who need a break from gel manicure (aka“Gel break”). NOTE: NO refill needed, when the customer returns it requires soaking off and starting a new set every visit.

Builder Gels are a medium to thick viscosity gel that can be used to create and build shape. They are stronger than the brush on type gels and are commonly used within the professional Nail Industry for nail extensions and natural nail overlays. Their strength could be compared to that of acrylic nails. Builder gels are a completely different system to gel polish. We use builder gels for enhancements and overlays, create longer nails, fix broken nails, for extra strength on natural nails.