Eyelash Extensions

Life isn’t perfect, but your lashes can be! Eyelash Extensions from Tre Spa are made of mink material with a variety of lengths from 8mm to 15mm. Our eyelash extensions are thicker at the base and thinner at the tip with a slight curl. We bond the extensions one-to-one naturally to the lash. If you’re getting a volume full set (3D-10D), we bond the extensions to one natural lash with a medical-grade bonding adhesive. Getting Eyelash Extensions is perfect way to enhance your natural beauty and amazingly increase your inner confidence!

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Eyelash Extension Options

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Classic Full Set

A Classic Full Set is the appliance of lightweight synthetic mink eyelashes that come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls. Classic lashes are done by placing one extension to one individual natural lash to create natural-looking fullness and curl, giving a look of a perfectly applied coat of mascara. Classic full sets are more natural-looking with between 100-150 lashes per eye and need to be maintained with “Classic refills.”

Thickness: 0.15 – 0.20
Density: 1:1 lashes

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Hybrid Full Set

A Hybrid Full Set is a combination of two different eyelash extensions application techniques rolled into one set of lashes. How? Classic eyelashes are applied one extension on one natural lash and Volume Extensions, multiple lash extensions on one natural lash.

Thickness: 0.05 – 0.07 & 0.15 – 0.20
Density: Mix of Volume & Classic. Each fan having no more than 5 lashes on each fan.

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Volume Full Set

A Volume Full Set consists of 3-6 individual lashes that create a fan that’s applied to one natural lash. Using the most lightweight and damage-free extensions on the market, delicate lashes are applied to your natural lashes to create volume, fluff, and softness only dreamt of! Never have lash extensions been so safe, soft, and natural. Upwards of 300-400 lashes are applied per eye and volume fills need to be maintained with a volume fill.

Thickness: 0.05 – 0.07
Density: 5 – 10 lashes on each fan

Before Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

You want to be arriving to your eyelash extension appointment with a fresh face. Please arrive with all eye makeup removed and avoid using sunscreen or moisturizers. Also, do not curl your lashes or wear mascara to your lash appointment. Additionally we ask that you wear glasses or remove your contact lenses prior to your lash application. Your first appointment will take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

After Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

For the best results, for the first 48 hours we recommend keeping your eyelashes dry and avoid any activities with excessive humidity and that cause you to sweat. Do not use oil-based products of any kind on or near your eyes and avoid touching your lashes directly. We recommend sleeping on your side or back, not face down.

General aftercare includes washing your lashes in the morning, evening, or after a workout. Specifically this will help remove any excess oil on and around your lashes. You’ll want to brush your lashes daily and avoid oil-based or waterproof cosmetics and creams on and around your eyes.

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Eyelash Extensions FAQs

All stylists going through intense training, guidelines, and practice to meet Tre Spa requirements. The skill-set, knowledge-base, application speed, quality are a few factors that lead to Senior or Master level promotions. Master Stylists are our top stylists, lead experts, and provide training and guidance in all aspects of Lash related services.

The growing cycle lasts about 30-45 days. Every 2 weeks approximately 20%-30% shed, therefore the extension that was attached to it. To keep the lashes looking full and long, we recommend you do a refill every 2-3 weeks, to attach extension to the new growth.

When the extensions are properly applied by a certified, trained technician who uses quality products it should not damage your eyelashes. Our eyelash extension application techniques and innovative aftercare ensures your lash health, if you follow our care instructions properly.

We only use formaldehyde-free, medical-grade adhesives which are made exclusively for lash extensions and offer a more sensitive adhesive for our guests who are more prone to allergic reactions. This combination of our top quality adhesive and individual lash attachment will sustain the health and integrity of the natural hairs indefinitely.

At Tre Spa we don’t lash extension by number. We add as many to your natural lash as needed. The result may vary by individual and Classic vs Volume.

No, to dissolve the medical-grade adhesive a special gel remover is required by a Tre Spa Professional ONLY. The process is painless and will not harm your natural hairs, taking less than 15-30 minutes.

Our eyelash extensions look and feel completely real as each application is customized to your eye shape, natural lash line, and desired look. We offer different curls, thicknesses, and lengths that are indistinguishable in weight to human lashes thereby providing a weightless feel to your lash line. Our experienced, professional lash stylists will choose a variety of extensions to create the most flattering, natural, and beautiful look for you.

Lash growth products that contain steroids change the composition of your lashes and accelerate your eyelash shedding cycle, therefore we cannot guarantee the outcome. Natural lash growth products containing peptides are wonderful and will have no adverse effect on the longevity of your extensions.

No, you will not need to use mascara with your lash extensions, but for nights that you want extra drama you can use a water-based mascara. We carry several brands to choose from. We also offer a service to add a semi-permanent mascara that lasts seven to ten days.


Tre Spa offers yearly memberships that includes 10% off any services of their choice for the entire year. Membership packages are also available that in depending on which you chose, will be a monthly fee that you receive free service(s) for. Membership packages are different for both salon locations, so please make sure you select the correct location when viewing/purchasing membership packages. Visit our membership program page to learn more about all the different packages offered!

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